Your professional massage services in the heart of Javea old town

A trained professional, Clive has been working in the industry for 7 years and will ensure that your needs are put first. It’s his pleasure to listen to everything you have to say to help you work through any aches and pains you might have, or to help you relax if that’s the service you’re after.

Qualified in Professional Body Massage and Sports Massage (City and Guilds Level 3 Diploma), Clive specialises in relieving trauma and chronic complaints in joints and soft tissue caused by injury, lack of mobility or through overuse of the muscle.

Clive continues to develop his skill set through the London College of Massage and North London School of Sports Massage and he practises specialised therapies including Muscle Energy Technique (MET) and fascial release. Amongst the extensive list of massage offered, Clive can offer soft tissue release, deep tissue massage and non-electrical heat variation therapies, complemented by advice on stretching and exercise as well as taping and bandaging to create and maintain mental and physical wellbeing.

Massage Remedies in Javea, Alicante, is a manual therapy practise offering a range of massage therapies to:

  • Combat the impact of muscle imbalances caused by long term injuries and chronic conditions
  • Relieve symptoms that restricts optimal sports performance
  • Remedy injuries caused by repetitive overuse in the workplace
  • Enhance mobility and prevent loss of flexibility in soft tissue and joints

Massage Remedies offers clients a full massage service that allows you to return to normality through management or relieve of your conditions. After you receive a full consultation, you’ll be given a route back to pain-free balance, movement and strength. As an aid to continual progression, you’ll be provided with understandable aftercare advice including stretching and exercise programmes.

Client testimonials...

  • A shoulder injury kept me for 4 months out of Taekwondo training and I was finding it painful to sleep on my side. A 4-week course of massage therapy, personalised stretches and a training regime has enabled me to return to action. I'd gladly recommend Massage Remedies to anyone!
    Eugene Asare, IT Analyst ,Taekwondo Practitioner
  • Massage Remedies is absolutely fantastic. Senior Massage Therapist, Clive, gave me brilliant advice during my pregnancy and showed me ways that I can work through my lower back pain. His massages where both relaxing and effective, I would therefore recommend him to anyone.
    Kubi Springer, Marketing & Media Specialist
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