Why cool down?

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Cool Down with Massage Remedies

Why Cool Down?

We exercise to lose weight, develop good shape and maintain it, run faster, jump higher, and be stronger, right? So what is one of the biggest hindrances to reaching your goals?

Do you recognise this cycle? Pain and soreness leading to less exercise to realising fewer benefits.

Part of the equation to breaking the cycle is nutrition and rest, the other part is the cool down process which is what I want to deal which.

So you have done your best, you have walked, ran, played, went to the gym, trained or competed, to realise your goal this activity has to be repeated. The quicker you can recover is the better you can perform your activity.

The recovery process

  • The warm down process of 5-20 minutes less intense activity such as jogging or low level cycling, depending on the intensity of activity – to take the body back to its normal state (optimum muscle resting length)
  • Cool down – static stretches of 30 seconds duration – maintain elasticity and reduce adhesions
  • If you are just saying in shape or wanting to lose a few kilos its best to eat some carbohydrates and protein within 45 minutes of your work out – to build muscle tissue
  • Rehydrate with water
  • Rest – to allow the body to repair itself

Now you have gone through the recovery process but there is still that nagging discomfort or even pain that you can’t shrug off. Now is the time for a maintenance massage.

Now is the time for a consultation particularly to obtain information about the sports schedule and related medical history. Some attention should also be given to the nutritional intake of the sports person. A postural and physical examination should involve the following:

  • observe the person while they are standing in a relaxed position, assessing posture, muscle bulk and alignment
  • test the range of certain joints
  • test and compare musculature balance and tonality

This information decides the type of massage, what regions are necessary to work on and how often. A maintenance massage is a key component to achieving your physical and sporting goals.


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