Hiking in Javea

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Hiking in Javea

We here in Javea love a walk or hike, often commenting on how ‘good’ we feel after. Guess what, strolling along our pleasant streets, hills and woods has been confirmed as good for us, by rewiring the brain. So can hiking in Javea solve all our problems?

‘According to a study published last July in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, a 90-minute walk through a natural environment had a huge positive impact on participants. In a survey taken afterwards, those people who took the natural walk showed far lower levels of brooding, or obsessive worry. The control group who spent that 90 minutes walking through a city reported no such difference. Not only that, but the scientists went a step further and did brain scans of the subjects. They found that there was decreased blood flow to the subgenual prefrontal cortex. What in the world does that mean? Well, increased blood flow to this region of the brain is associated with bad moods. Everything from feeling sad about something, to worrying, to major depression seem to be tied to this brain region. Hiking deactivates it.’

Research continues to reveal more benefits of hiking including clearing your head, making you more creative and boosting your focus. Hiking is an aerobic exercise that burns around 400-700 calories per hour. This is great on its own, but aerobic exercise also has a really positive effect on your brain: it improves your memory. Not only by increasing the ability to store information but also to reduce memory loss.

Of course if your hiking is curtailed by stiffness and pain the above benefits are significantly reduced. Make a regular massage part of your ‘well-being’ plan by

  • Warming up to allow muscles to perform at maximum strength
  • Warm up to maintain full range of motion enabling peak performance
  • Cool down to maintain muscle strength
  • Cool down to lessen muscle soreness, so you can return to hiking quickly

Is hiking the solution to all of life’s woes? Probably not, but what science is showing is that it’s actually a pretty solid candidate for making everyone’s lives a lot better, with very little input. So sign up for your massage and keep on hiking.

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