Shoulders Revisited

by / Friday, 02 September 2016 / Published in Hints and Tips, Injuries, Pain
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Why is it that there seems to be so many shoulders complaints?

Well the shoulder joint is the most moveable joint in the body and therefore more prone to injury and misalignment, than most other joints in the body.

The shoulder joint gets it movability by four key muscles, see diagram below:

Massage remedies Javea shoulders

Given its movability the shoulder is prone to cause problems through injury, overuse, immobility and postural imbalances. We undertake sports with inadequate training or technique, sit in the wrong position, use the same group of muscles continuously or just have a fall, situations all too common. The postural signs are all too evident; head drawn forward, shoulders rounded or drooping with arms turned inwards resulting in neck and shoulder pain. Sometimes with the space between the shoulder blades widening in the middle of the back resulting in mid-back pain, with tension and shortening of the biceps tendon leading to pain in the upper portion of the biceps.

As a massage therapist I am constantly working with clients to improve the positioning of the shoulder blades by reinstating elasticity in the shoulder muscles, breaking down adhesions, promoting local blood circulation which in turn improves muscle movement and soft tissue repair. Over time associated muscles are also attended to relieve pain and improve movement. I would demonstrate and give my clients stretching and strengthening exercises to return and maintain function.

In time the results of poor positioning of the shoulder blades with the resulting shoulder and neck pain can lead to reduced ability to undertake everyday activities or produce lower levels of training and performance in your sport. A timely visit to Massage Remedies Javea for consultation, assessment and therapy may just be the ticket to pain free shoulders.

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