Stretching is boring…

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Do you know how to stretch? Check out these tips from massage remedies javea

Stretching is boring…

But so are stiff, aching muscles and joints which is the perfect scenario for you not to carry on with your preferred activity. However don’t stress, Massage Remedy Javea designs bespoke stretching programmes, call or email for an appointment.

Massive disclaimer:
This article is aimed towards people who exercise moderately, possibly 3 times weekly, perhaps an hour per session. So you see it’s not targeted at semi professional, professional sports people or Olympic athletes.

Warming up

Firstly, before you start exercising, you need to warm your body up to increase heart rate and body temperature to allow muscles to perform at maximum strength which means one thing: BETTER PERFORMANCE

Warming up reduces muscle tension to increase the ease at which muscles go through their full range of motion enabling which again means BETTER PERFORMANCE.

Unsure of how to properly warm up? Click HERE to be taken to the NHS site which gives a great explanation of how to warm up correctly.

Cooling down

Cooling down is just as important as the warm up as it takes the body back to its normal state and the soft tissue to their optimum resting lengths – which in turn allows for greater contraction and longevity of muscle strength. This means YOU RECOVER MORE QUICKLYMan from Massage Remedies doing stretching exercises in a rain.

Don’t forget that you need to cool down to take breathing back to controlled level ASAP because oxygen rich blood is transferred to the muscles providing nutrients and speeding up the disposal of metabolic waste products produced by muscle activity such as lactic acid; resulting in less muscle soreness meaning LESS ACHES AND PAINS.

Cooling down should be carried out with static stretching or maintenance stretching. This should be performed after the main exercise session. These stretches should be held for approximately 20 to 30 seconds and repeated in up to 3 sets.

The purpose of maintenance stretching is to maintain current level of flexibility and reduce muscle soreness after activity.

Worrying about cooling down? Click HERE as the NHS guide really can help you get your body back to where it needs to be quickly and easily.

Warm up/Preparation Stretching

Jog or use a cross trainer for up to five minutes or until you are slightly breathless in order to increase heart rate and body temperature. The subsequent process is to mobilise in a systematic manner all the joints of the body, to lubricate the joints by activating synovial fluid. The rotational, circular or swinging movements are repeated for each part of the body. The synovial membrane ‘lines the parts of the joint cavity that are not covered by articular cartilage…and covers the tendons and ligaments that pass through it. The membrane produces synovial fluid, which lubricates the joints and nourishes its tissues’. – Tim Paine, the Complete Guide to Sports Massage, 2007

So there you have it, the importance of stretching from Massage Remedies Javea! If you tried any of these stretches and cool downs and they didn’t help an existing issue, or you are just wanting to properly relax, get in contact with Massage Remedies now to book your appointment. 


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