Knee pain, you can’t run away from it

by / Saturday, 09 January 2016 / Published in Injuries
Massage Remedies can help your knee pain

Knee pain, you can’t run away from it!

Understand your pain, the diagnosis, the rehabilitation, your role in the rehabilitation, understand rest and progressive movement. At Massage Remedies I make the client central to the process of regaining fitness or recovering movement and maintaining health.
X-rays, CT and MRI give a snap shot of displacement and wear of the patellofemoral joint, a major cause of knee pain. However subjective examination to identify the pain in different scenarios or if the pain alters with different footwear, is fundamental when designing a therapy programme. Through assessment, therapy, exercise, rest and you can regain control of your knee.


Through the client’s medical and sporting history, postural examination particularly through the sagittal and frontal plain (side, front/back views), gait and resistance tests, all build a picture to inform the therapy.


The therapy can consist of fascial (sliding moves) to allow the thigh muscles to function correctly or massage moves to allow the muscles to align, rebalance the hip, thigh and feet’s soft tissue.
• Displacement of the patella over the trochlear groove over time is often the cause of knee pain
• Over development of the iliotibial band
• Weakness in the vastus medialis knee pain
There are many conditions causing knee pain; however there is no substitute to the process of subjective examination, diagnosis, understanding the condition, therapy, exercise and rest.

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