A Case Of Tension

by / Tuesday, 24 November 2015 / Published in Pain
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A Case Of Tension

An estate agent client came to me after suffering from pains across her shoulders particularly the right one, which had progressively worsened over the last year. The pain was particularly intense when driving. She had put the cause down to carrying heavy portfolios as a student.

After postural analysis I noticed how drawn upwards her shoulders were. The muscles had become locked in a position of contraction.

Method of relief

Over a period of 5 sessions of deep tissue massage, I massaged progressively deeper down the sides of the neck, shoulders and down between her shoulder blades. I showed my client neck stretches to be performed 3 times daily with a breathing routine. I finished the sessions by showing the client strengthening exercises for the neck and shoulder muscles.


Over the weeks the muscles become more pliable, the stretches in break periods at work were particularly effective in relieving the pain. The cycle of tension, pain, and more tension had been broken. My client now has monthly maintenance massages to aid release of tension and increase movement around her neck and shoulders.


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